Whynot Pottery                                and

            Acacia Art Tile




Mark & Meredith Heywood

First generation Neo-traditionalist potters

1013 Fork Creek Mill Rd.,  Whynot, NC  27341-8122

Phone: (336) 873-9276

Open  Tuesday - Saturday 9ish to 4 PM and most Mondays
E-mail us to be sure about a Monday visit.





About Us













Whynot Pottery is owned and operated by Mark and Meredith Heywood. Our work consists of mostly high temperature, gas fired stoneware.

Acacia Art Tile is an enterprise eight years in the making. On tiles we are creating images, often whimsical in nature, of plants, wildlife and insects. Most are presented ready to hang on your walls but are also available in sizes compatible with commercial tile as accents. Contact us for custom work.


For a look at our most recent work you can go to our BLOG or our FACEBOOK page. On our blog you can learn more about us and how we work.


Whynot Pottery, established in 1982, is located in and  named after the community of Whynot NC.

 Whynot NC is located in the center of the state of North Carolina and is 2 miles from downtown Seagrove, NC the famous capitol of North Carolina pottery.

What makes Seagrove, Whynot, and other communities in the immediate vicinity so unique is we live and work in an area where pottery has been continually made for about 300 years. We have one of the largest concentrations of working potters in the United States.



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